Friday, May 29, 2009

Monogrammed and Aged Front Door

This is our Front Entry Door~ it used to be a "bluegrass green" color but had faded from the strong morning sun exposure. Of course it had been more than two years since I had painted it, so it was long overdue for a makeover. Enter the free dark brown and off-white paint from Porter Paints (not any more since they got a new manager) and a brush, some paper towels and a vinyl monogram that I purchased off of Etsy(I love anything that is personalized) and voila~ a whole new look for the front door. I love it and get so many comments on it because it is truly one-of-a-kind!

Painted and Glazed Bathroom Cabinets

These cabinets in my Master Bath are also painted with the Aging Glaze treatment with an off-white base coat (free OOPs paint that I got at my local Porter Paints store~ yahoo!) and then the Ralph Lauren Aging Glaze in Tobacco (that I didn't get for free) at Home Depot. The first photo is my "before photo" of one of the kitchen cabinets because I forgot to take one in the bathroom before I started~ this is just to show you the color of the cabinets before they were painted and glazed. That is Pilgrim ~our kitty who found a fun resting place during this process! I still haven't gotten hardware to put on them to finish off the look, but I love them so much more that my red cherry fake wood cabinets! Hope you like them too. So far they have held up well to wear and tear, of course it has only been about 4 months! I used two coats of polyurethane on them because I was too lazy to put any more on and the doors had been off for almost 3 weeks!

Fireplace that I Glazed with Ralph Lauren Tobacco Glaze

This is my fireplace that used to be off white. I brushed on Ralph Lauren Aging Glaze in Tobacco and love the look now. (This picture was taken before I took off the protective tape around the edges). The glaze just gives it a real aged look with some texture. I have also done this treatment to my Master Bath doors and trim. I also painted my old 80's oak bedroom furniture with this technique, it is super easy and doesn't require a lot of talent! Perfect for me because you can just brush it on and wipe off as much as you like to get the look you want. Don't be afraid to try it (or any paint project for that matter). After all, it is just paint! :)

Interior Doors that I painted Black

Here are a few of my interior doors that I have painted black. I got this suggestion from my college roommate who lives in Georgia, she had this done several years ago and I just love it! Brings such a sophisticated look to my house(not that I am sophisticated in any way, of course)!

The color is Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black and I love it, I just haven't had the time to finish all of the doors in my house, but eventually I will get around to it!

The color of the yellow walls is Sahara Gold from Farrell Calhoun and the green color in the kitchen is Grasscloth by Behr at Home Depot. Love these colors, although I want to repaint our hallway and living area since they have been Sahara Gold for almost 9 years now. Too long for me to make a change since I usually paint every other year, but those ceilings are just way too high to tackle that often!

Fleur De Lis Frame~ One of my favorite creations so far!