Thursday, May 5, 2011

Goodwill Letter Holder

The $1.99 sticker from Goodwill. I hadn't been in Goodwill for a few weeks and luckily I got this the same day it was brought in. Most of the time if I don't pick something up right then, I will regret it because it seems the good stuff never sticks around long. Since I forgot to take a "before" picture of the front, this is kind of what it looked like. You can get an idea of the color at least.

Here are the two craft paints that I used to transform this Goodwill find. I first used the ivory and then covered it with the Sandstone. I then sanded the edges to distress it and get the shabby chic look that I love.

Close up of one of the words that was on it originally before being covered up by a decorative wooden piece. No one wants to be reminded of bills, so I covered it up with something way cuter:)

$1.99 Letter & Key Holder from Goodwill before I finished putting all of the wooden pieces over the words. I love gingham ribbon, especially black and white, so I chose a piece that I had in my scrap bag and just hung it by that instead of by two nails. I was just so ready to show it off that I couldn't wait until I was completely done to take an "after" picture:)

Close Up of Finished Letter Holder
I purchased the little wooden shapes for 40% off at Michael's (Hobby Lobby has them also). They also have fleur de lis ones that I have used before on other projects, but the ones I had on hand weren't big enough for this project.

Now, I am sure that this will be filled with all kinds of papers, etc. before I know it, but at least it is hidden away in the pantry:)

Hope you have enjoyed my thrifty makeover for the day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Little Table Makeover for FREE!

My FREE Shabby Chic Table:

Little Brown Table Before:

Little Blue Table After:

One afternoon I was taking my son to a friends house to play and it just happened to be their trash day. I happened to spot a pile of things and just knew that I HAD to stop. :) Much to my sons dismay and "Oh mom, not again!" HA! They know that if I spot something that looks half way decent that I AM going to stop! I chuckle every time because they are always rolling their eyes at me. One of the joys of motherhood, I guess:)

Anyway, on to the little table that I found sitting on the side of the road... it was dark brown stained solid wood, warped in some places, but that's okay because I knew that I could sand it down, use some wood glue and clamps to fix it enough to make it look just right. I think it turned out so cute and now have it sitting it beside my computer desk. I think it looks adorably shabby chic~ just the look that I LOVE!

First I sanded it down all over, then painted it with a small sponge brush. I just used acrylic craft paint in Folk Art Sky Blue that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. Since the table was so small and I wanted the brown to show through, it only took about an ounce (or half of a bottle of paint). I have yet to seal it with polyurethane, but since I like the distressed look I might just leave it as is for now.

Have you found anything good in the trash lately?

P.S. I am attempting to link up to Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures Party at Southern Hospitality. Not sure if I will be able to figure out how to or not:)