Monday, February 7, 2011

$10 Craigslist Coffee Table Makeover

Who in the world would have thought that I would be able to find a coffee table that I actually liked for $10! I only ended up paying $10 for this old, beat up looking table. The guy was asking $20, but since the glass on top was cracked and one of the drawers didn't line up correctly I offered less and he took it! I didn't care that it wasn't in perfect condition since I knew that all I had to do was sand it down and give it a coat of paint. I even kind of liked it without the glass because I figured my kids would just try to stand on it and break it anyway! :)

Here it is after light sanding and a very light coat of Heirloom White paint by Rustoleum. The drawer on the right is still kind of off track, but it still works and holds a bunch of stuff!

Here is the view from the top. The kids (and cat) like to sit in the middle and stick their head out of the hole in the center.

I just loved the detail in the legs and curve at the bottom. I also sanded the edges a little with my hand sander after a light coat of paint. I love the distressed, shabby chic look.

Maybe you have found as good of a deal as I have at your local thrift store or Craigslist. If you are anything like me, you probably love scouring that site every day just to see what you can find cheap to makeover! Happy Hunting:)

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