Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quick and Easy Painted Plaques

I was in a creative mood today and thought that I would try out my free sample of Glidden Paint that I ordered several weeks ago. I ordered Ground Nutmeg and painted this square plaque with it and then distressed the edges with a sanding sponge. (The lighting isn't too good in this photo, but I think that you can still tell what the final product looks like). I then copied a "P" off of Microsoft Works at 400% and traced it and painted it on the plaque. I have a wall of just P's since that is what our last name starts with and will probably hang it there when dry.

The other little round plaque is painted green, distressed and stamped with a red Fleur-De-Lis. I love the colors for Christmas (or any time of the year for my colorful kitchen) and the shape is found everywhere these days. I then tied a gingham bow and hot glued it to the back to hang it by. So easy that even those without any crafting experience can do it, and to think that I actually sell these in my Etsy Shop (! So super simple and such a cute, quick and inexpensive gift. This would make a cute hostess gift, teacher gift, Bunco gift or just a treat for yourself! Let me know if you make one of these projects, I would LOVE to see them, so send the pictures my way and Happy Holidays!


  1. Oh, I love your Christmas plaque, that is so cute! Thanks for stopping by & I just found out that the movie Blindside was filmed in Atlanta. I knew nothing about the movie til we saw it & now I'm obsessed with the story. I loved it SO much, I might just have to buy the DVD. Sandra did a super job as the mom!!

  2. Thanks Rhoda! What an honor coming from you:) You were one of the very first blogs that I started following and I always love your projects and decorating ideas! I even bought the beadboard wallpaper because of you. Yes, I had heard that it was filmed in Atlanta (I am also from there originally- Peachtree City to be exact) and I also said that that was one movie that I was going to have to buy when it is released on DVD! Happy Christmas!