Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gulf Shores-July 2009

Gulf Shores-July 2009

My wonderful husband and daughter

My daughter coming out of the bubble machine
at The Hangout in Gulf Shores

One of my favorite pictures of my daughter.
She looks like she is thinking really hard!

My daughter outside the condo
on the day that we left Gulf Shores.

Gulf Shores~ July 2009

Me and My Boys

All 4 of my kids having fun in the pool in Gulf Shores

Our family just got back from beautiful Gulf Shores, AL for a week of sun and family fun! Unfortunately my daughter got sick and was unable to be in the beach photos with her brothers, but I got a few of her the next day before we headed home.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More of Greece 2009

Fresh Octopus Hanging Up at the Island that we took a cruise to.
My son in front of the boats in the marina on the island.

A Greek Orthodox church on the island.

Columns that have stood the test of time at the Parthenon

The Greek Flag flying on top of the building where we saw
the Changing of the Guards.

Greece~ Summer 2009

My son and his friend on the Ferry over to one of the Greek Islands.

My son and his friend standing with one of the Guards in Athens.

My son and his friend on a rock up to the Parthenon.

My son, his friend and I in front of the Parthenon.

My son and his friend in a hole in a rock at the Parthenon.

We had the pleasure of visiting our good friends, the Triantopoulos' in Athens, Greece for 6 days in June. The people were so nice and the food (esp. the pastries) were delicious! We loved being able to see The Parthenon in person (of course the hike up the mountain about killed me). Wow, what an amazing piece of history!