Friday, April 16, 2010

$1.00 Garage Sale Cross Re-Creation

There was a 5 family garage sale that I stopped at today on the way to pick up a cake for my youngest sons class. I didn't have a whole lot of time, but spotted this cross that was made of wood and MDF and was embellished with some flowers and wire, etc. This wasn't my taste, but I could see past the current state of the cross and envisioned making something that would suit me and my whimsical and colorful taste perfectly. I got to work after serving pizza and cake to my sons 4th grade class. They won "Spirit Day" for the whole 4th Grade a couple of weeks ago and a local pizzeria provided them with some pizzas. I thought that they needed some cake too since they just finished the state achievement tests today. Of course I think that cake is a requirement to celebrate just about any kind of special occasion! :)

Anyway, when I finally was able to get to work transforming the cross, I pulled off the flowers, petals and wires. Then I sanded it all down and primed it and then spray painted it with Green Apple by Rustoleum. After I painted it green, I applied Antique White colored polka dots and hung it on the front door. A little late for Easter, but just as cute to celebrate Spring! Even though I think we might have completely by-passed Spring this year and skipped directly to Summer. Temperatures in the mid 80's already. If that is the case, then I just can't wait to see what kind of heatwaves the Summer will bring!

Craigslist Dining Room Table

Our new kitten, Jackson

Since I have discovered Craigslist (in a completely innocent way- trying to find our missing cat) I have become addicted. I like to see what is the best deal I can find for something that I have always wanted or needed. I especially like the items that need a little work like being painted, etc. So far I have found my daughter a new solid maple full size bed, solid oak night stand, dresser and desk with hutch all for $115! I am painting all of the pieces the same color of the ever popular Rustoleum Heirloom White. I ran out of the paint and found out that our local Home Depot is planning on discontinuing it. Why, I will never know since it is so popular they have a hard time keeping it in stock in the first place! Anyway, my mom was on a mission to find more and found 3 cans for me at a store about 30 minutes away.
In the meantime I have found a cute solid wood dining room table with a leaf and 5 chairs (I guess they broke the 6th chair) all for $80! The lady that I bought it from came down on the price twice before I decided that I just couldn't pass it up! The pieces were even prettier in person than from the pictures posted on Craigslist. They were already lightly glazed- similar to my kitchen cabinets that I posted. We needed a bigger table and more chairs than the small rectangle table that only seated 4. I LOVE a bargain!! Not too sure my husband feels quite the same way though!:)
The table had a few paint spots (I think the family that owned it before likes to paint almost as much as I do:)! That is what a table cloth is for anyway. Our kitten, Jackson, seems to like it alright even though he is not allowed up on the tables- he doesn't seem to listen too well yet (he is only 10 weeks old after all).
Anyway, hope you have found some awesome deals on Craigslist like I have!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Painted and Glazed Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets after I sanded, primed, painted two coats of Benjamin Moore Maritime and a coat of Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze, then two coats of Polycrylic.
The entire process took over a week to accomplish because of drying time and time needed to do other things on my to-do list. Before I got finished the kids were out on Spring Break and I definitely didn't have to time to finish then!

Kitchen Cabinets After painted with Benjamin Moore Maritime and

Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze.

Kitchen Cabinets Before Photo

It is hard to tell in this photo, but last year I replaced all of the hardware with some that I found on Ebay for around $1.50 a piece. Just changing the pulls added a lot, but I was never happy with the color of these cabinets so I was so glad to finally get this checked off of my to-do list!

Ever since we bought our house a little over 10 years ago I have wanted to paint our kitchen cabinets. We had to move within two weeks of selling our old house and didn't have time to build or find a house that was being built therefore be able to pick out fixtures, cabinets, paint colors, etc. so finally after getting all 4 of my children in school every day and having some vacation time from work I was finally able to complete the project that I had wanted to tackle for so long. I love the outcome and hope you will too! Take a look. Who knows what I will end up painting next, probably the counter tops since they now look like they have a pinkish tint to them since I painted the cabinets. It is always something and I wouldn't know what to do anyway if I didn't have at least 5 0r 6 projects going at a time anyway:)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine Frames

I am taking these frames to my daughter's Kindergarten class to make as their Valentine Craft. All they have to do is paint the frame and put handprint hearts on the heart shaped card stock then have a parent hot glue a bow to the top. Easy as pie even for 5 year olds (let's hope anyway!:)) I actually distressed mine with a sanding block. I LOVE anything made out of hand or foot prints and I think that these are precious way to keep memories of their Kindergarten year alive (for sentimental Mom's like me anyway) well after graduation!