Friday, April 16, 2010

Craigslist Dining Room Table

Our new kitten, Jackson

Since I have discovered Craigslist (in a completely innocent way- trying to find our missing cat) I have become addicted. I like to see what is the best deal I can find for something that I have always wanted or needed. I especially like the items that need a little work like being painted, etc. So far I have found my daughter a new solid maple full size bed, solid oak night stand, dresser and desk with hutch all for $115! I am painting all of the pieces the same color of the ever popular Rustoleum Heirloom White. I ran out of the paint and found out that our local Home Depot is planning on discontinuing it. Why, I will never know since it is so popular they have a hard time keeping it in stock in the first place! Anyway, my mom was on a mission to find more and found 3 cans for me at a store about 30 minutes away.
In the meantime I have found a cute solid wood dining room table with a leaf and 5 chairs (I guess they broke the 6th chair) all for $80! The lady that I bought it from came down on the price twice before I decided that I just couldn't pass it up! The pieces were even prettier in person than from the pictures posted on Craigslist. They were already lightly glazed- similar to my kitchen cabinets that I posted. We needed a bigger table and more chairs than the small rectangle table that only seated 4. I LOVE a bargain!! Not too sure my husband feels quite the same way though!:)
The table had a few paint spots (I think the family that owned it before likes to paint almost as much as I do:)! That is what a table cloth is for anyway. Our kitten, Jackson, seems to like it alright even though he is not allowed up on the tables- he doesn't seem to listen too well yet (he is only 10 weeks old after all).
Anyway, hope you have found some awesome deals on Craigslist like I have!

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