Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama

Gulf Shores 2011

Our oldest son-15

Our youngest son-11

We hadn't been to our favorite family beach spot in almost 2 years, so when my husband and I were awarded summer vacations, we once again took advantage of a trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama. Last year the oil spill kept us away, but this year was as beautiful as ever!

We have our favorite restaurants: Lulu's(Jimmy Buffett's sister's place), The Hangout, Lambert's-"Home of the Throwed Rolls", and my favorite... The Original Oyster House.
They all have good food and I ordered shrimp just about every night that we went out to eat. My husband thinks I am nuts, I say why not since I love it so much?:)

The kids always enjoy playing Putt Putt and we always take a break from the sun at least one day to see a movie and shop at the wonderful outlet mall in Foley.

Our middle son-14

Our only daughter-7

Our daughter posing for me and my new camera

Our 4 children having to endure mandatory beach pictures:)

Our 3 sons

Our 4 little pilgrims:)

We just arrived home last night and we already can't wait to go back! We just wish we could afford a beach house down there to retire in:)

Happy Summer and Safe Travels! :)