Monday, January 31, 2011

Cute Wooden Valentine Wreath

Goodness, I just can't believe that it has been so long since I actually posted on here! I have been so busy with my 4 kids and flying around the country for my paying job that I haven't gotten to complete as many projects as I have had my *heart* set on!:) This is one that started with a trip to our local Goodwill Store. Yippee, we FINALLY got one here in the town that we live in and I am surprised that the employees don't know me name already! You just never know what you can find, so I MUST check in often (that's what I tell my husband anyway). On this one particular visit I spotted this wooden heart wreath that someone had spent some time and energy on, and I just couldn't let it go unappreciated. I know how much time can be spent on projects, and whomever spent the time cutting out each individual heart and nailing them together deserves to know that their time was well spent. I found this wreath for .99 cents and scooped it up knowing that I could paint it and make it look pretty cute.

Here it is hanging on our front door.

These are basically all of the supplies that I needed: Wood filler, two shades of acrylic paint and a foam brush. Plus the gingham ribbon to hang it by. I didn't even bother sealing it since I like the shabby chic distressed look anyway.

I started off with filling the nail holes with wood filler, then just painted the hearts with two different shades of acrylic paint. After the paint was dry I took my hand sander to the edges and went over them to distress it a bit. Then I just took a ribbon that I already had on hand and hung it on the front door. So easy, cheap and pretty cute if I may say so myself. :) Just the shabby chic, cheerful look that I like on my front door around Valentine's Day, or any day of the year for that matter.

Keep checking your thrift stores around town, you just never know what you will find, and you will probably have so much fun while doing it!

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