Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dollar Store Wreath

I finally found the time to help my daughter make the ornament wreath that everyone over blogland has made or is planning on making at some point! My daughter is five and had the best time stringing the ornaments on the coat hanger to make this adorable wreath. We used about 60 ornaments of this one particular size that we purchased at the Dollar Tree. 5 packages in all so therefore the total cost was $5 plus tax! Our cat, Pilgrim, also got into the Christmas spirit and enjoyed being around all of the sparkle and color. The finished picture just shows the wreath, not where it will eventually go. My daughter says that since she made it she wants it to hang on her bedroom door. Fine with me, I would like to make one of my own just out of the champagne and gold ornaments anyway, I think that would look so elegant. Have fun and go spend time with a child making memories to last a lifetime. Happy Holidays!

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